Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas!

This year, I find myself home alone for the holiday. Just me and my two dogs, hanging out lazily around our apartment with nothing to do. My fiancé is in Florida with her family, and I was just in Pennsylvania visiting mine, but came back to Texas a couple days ago to look after the pups and also because originally I thought I'd have to work yesterday. So here I am, no plans and nothing to do. It could be a super boring situation, but luckily I still have a fat stack of comics from last week to read.
     Because I was home in the pre-Christmas week, I didn't get to go to my local comicbook store to get my folder until yesterday. And it was a MIGHTY full folder. Since basically nothing is getting released tomorrow, I had like twenty-one different titles come out last week, so that's how I get to spend Christmas this year. In my underwear, by myself, digging into the tallest pile of new comicbooks I've had in ages. I didn't even know it until I got to this point, but that's a perfect holiday for me.
     Some of them are probably going to be crappy. I've already read Cable and X-Force #2, for example, which officially landed that book on the "Cut From Pull List" list. Not wasting any more time or, more importantly, money on a series that doesn't even seem interested in itself. But there's also the debut of The Black Beetle, new issues of Rachel Rising and Hellblazer and Where is Jake Ellis?, and at least a handful of other books that I have no doubt with be great. Then there's any number of toss-ups, like Hawkeye or Secret Avengers or Birds of Prey, so here's hoping they come through for me during this grand Christmas reading project.
     Anyway, once I get through all the new books, my plan is to watch Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo. I'm a big time fan of some of his other films, and I know he has comics as well, though I've never read any of them yet. And El Topo will also be new for me, so I'm pretty stoked to see what that's like. It will no doubt be insane, full of symbolism, and incredibly dense and trippy.
     This month has been an unexpectedly successful one here at Comics Matter, as far as both my own productivity and the traffic which the blog has received. And that's been true this past week in particular. So before I disappear into my comics and film, I wanted to extend my thanks to anyone and everyone who has been reading along. Whether you're one of the people who know me personally, a total stranger, or something in between (whatever that means), I love you and I thank you for your interest and support. I hope all your Christmases are as fun as mine promises to be.
     Now without any extra ado, I'm going to get reading.

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