Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Grand X-Factor Investigations Investigation Archive

For the sake of convenience, here's a handy list all the stuff I wrote these last few months about Peter David's current run on X-Factor:

Part 0. X-Planation & X-Tolment: A short introduction
Part 1. Loads of Cases, Just One ProblemX-Factor #1-20
Part 2. Anytime You Have Two Evils, One Of Them Has To Be LesserMr. Tryp and The Isolationist 
Part 3. An Illogical Next Step Made LogicalMessiah Complex
Part 4. What's Been Up Comes Down For A WhileX-Factor #28-38 (and, technically, She-Hulk #31)
Part 5. Ah, YesX-Factor #39-50
Part 6. Three Rescue MissionsX-Factor #200-212 
Part 7. I Can't Think of a Title For This OneX-Factor #213-224
Part 8. Dying Gets the GirlX-Factor #224.1-232
Part 9. Those First Few DominoesX-Factor #233-240
Part 10. Modern Life is RubbishX-Factor #241-251
Part 11. Meet the MadroxesIt's all about Jamie & Layla's love
Part 12. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?It could be about any number of other things, too
Part 13. Good and Bad With a Dash of UglyThe Artists of X-Factor #1-50
Part 14. PenultimArtThe Artists of X-Factor #200-253
Part 15. X-EuntSome Final Thoughts & Praise

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