Sunday, July 20, 2014


A week-and-a-half ago (July 11, 2014) I got married to the best woman on the planet. Sorry everyone else, she's been locked down. It was a fantastic wedding, and all of the celebrations leading up to and surrounding it were fantastic as well. I saw so many people I'd been missing dearly for too many years, and got to meet many others about whom I'd only heard stories from my now-wife beforehand. The wedding planning and celebrating has obviously taken up my mind, time, and energy lately, as I've mentioned before when explaining my lack of activity on the blog. Now that the big, beautiful day has finally happened, and I'm here on the other side happy and intact, I do hope to pick the pace back up. Not immediately, because there'll need to be a little bit of build-up as I get back into the swing, but by this time next month I'd like to be fully back on track. I'm finally caught up on all the comics I currently follow, so there should be at least some decent fodder in there for future posts. Also, my awesome friend and professional sports blogger Michael Clair got me a bunch of hilarious-looking comics as a wedding present, and while one of them is definitely going to be the subject of an upcoming "1987 And All That" post, the rest will probably be discussed in some fashion here on Comics Matter. So there's some stuff loosely in the works, is what I'm saying. I know this is like the third or fourth time I've written something like this claiming that I was going to do more writing soon, so grains of salt all around. But I figure if I post my intentions online then at the very least I'll have a public, permanent reminder of the fact that I'm supposed to be getting my ass in gear. Here's hoping.

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