Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! or My Humble Submission for a Captain America Redesign

Me, as a child (I don't know what age but it's gotta be a single-digit number) wearing my homemade Captain America costume. Not sure if it was a thing where my parents couldn't find an "official" one, or if those just didn't exist at the time, or if maybe I was so impatient to have a Captain America costume that they just made one to shut me up, but whatever the reason for its existence, I loved that outfit. There was also a shield that's not in the picture, made out of felt glued to a blue plastic trashcan lid. It was easily the best part, and I used that shield well after I'd outgrown the rest, most often for wooden swordfights. I don't think this was a Halloween costume, but it's me dressed up as a superhero, so it goes with the holiday and the blog. Final thought: dig that old ass TV in the background. How far we've come...

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