Saturday, April 21, 2012

Smatterday 04/21/2012

I Got Engaged
Hey so I got engaged to m'lady yesterday, which involved some semi-complicated planning and prepartion, and as such I have not had a lot of time the past couple days to mine material for this week's Smatterday. I did track down some comicbook-related engagement and wedding photos, just for fun.

Lobo Movie
One thing that did catch my eye this week was the report of a new writer/director for the Warner Bros. Lobo movie. I don't love the character, and like others, the director in question fails to excite me, but something about the project not dying completely after losing Guy Ritchie makes me smile. Lobo's a weird and probably risky choice for the big screen, and I support weird and/or risky choices when it comes to the comicbook world expanding and potentially to gaining new fans/appreciation/attention.

One Last Tiny Tidbit
Warren Ellis is a super cool and talented and interesting dude, and if you don't believe me, he's out there proving it himself to anyone who'll listen, with his new e-mail newsletter. Whether you're a fan of his work or not, bound to be some cool/insightful/original stuff in there.

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