Thursday, April 26, 2012

Traffic Delays

So here's a ridiculous story: yesterday, there was some kind of car accident involving whatever truck was bringing all the new comicbooks for the week to Austin (where I live). So literally NONE of the comic shops in town, of which there are quite a few, received this week's new issues. Obviously this means I didn't get or get to read any of them either, yet, so this week's Pull List Reviews is going to be a little late, I'm afraid. Hopefully Diamond will manage to get everything here today but nobody knows for sure, so we'll have to wait and see. Should have the new PLR up by this weekend sometime, ideally.

As lame as this whole situation is, it is also a little bit cool, you know, conceptually. A whole major US city deprived of its new comicbooks. Countless fans and retailers joined in simultaneous disappointment and anxiety. It's not that much fun to live through, but it is sort of fun to think about. Plus it was an interesting visual effect when I walked into my usual shop yesterday and their new comics shelf was totally empty, a bunch of blank pieces of cardboard staring back at me.

Anyhow, be glad you're not in Austin this week, and expect new reviews as soon as I have new material to review.

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