Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's Thanksgiving! So here's what I am thankful for right now, comics-wise, in no particular order:

1. I got eleven new comics yesterday! That's a big haul for me. Only read Uncanny X-Force #34 so far which means I get to read ten other issues throughout my holiday. Huzzah!

2. The announcement of Riley Rossmo's Dia De Los Muertos project. I love that guy like crazy, and several of the writers are people with whom he has done excellent work before. Also it'll be unusually-sized.

3. My dad is reading some of the Marvel NOW! titles that I'm not. So far he has picked up All New X-Men #1 and Fantastic Four #1. My dad is the reason I read comics and love comics, so I'm pretty excited to eventually get his take on the series he ends up following. Or not following, as the case may be. It's been a while since he regularly picked up new comicbooks every week, so hey. Score 1 for the Marvel NOW! project, amiright? There's a "lapsed reader" those guys can definitively claim. Although, so far, all he's said about the above two issues is that they were confusing. So maybe he'll re-lapse. Is that the same as relapse? Does relapse apply in this case?

4. My guest room closet where I get to keep my longboxes. I also have torn out pages from comicbooks which were damaged or I have multiple copies of taped up on the walls. And a couple pin-ups. It's real cozy in there, and it's all mine (except the shelves around the top).

5. There are sequels to both Who is Jake Ellis? and Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor one technically isn't out yet, but it comes out next week, and Where is Jake Ellis? #1 came out last week. Both of the original series were a ton of fun, so I have high hopes for Round(s) 2.

6. The Valiant Comics resurrection. I may only be reading 2 titles (so far), but I am rooting for the whole damn company. Good luck to the die-hard fans who are using enthusiasm and good taste to live their dream and produce excellent comicbooks.

7. I have too many things that I own and haven't read. I have too many things that I love and haven't reread. I have far, far too many things I have never read and don't even own yet.

8. The $5/pound of comics deal on Black Friday at the Austin Books and Comics Sidekick Store.

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