Saturday, February 15, 2014

The 12 Days of Birthday, Day 11: Wishlist with Commentary

With my birthday just a day away, now seemed like a good time to ask for gifts. I'm not hoping for anyone in particular to give me these comics for my actual birthday tomorrow, because how could they? I'm just publishing the wishlist I've been carrying around in a hard, handwritten copy for the last two years or so as a means of putting these desires out into the ether. These are all books I'm eager to own, despite not having read them yet, based solely on their reputations and/or creators. I'll explain my reasons for wanting each of them below. They're not in any real order, just copied straight from the tattered piece of notebook paper I pulled out of my wallet.

1. Shade, the Changing Man
     -Specifically, Peter Milligan's run on the title. It's one of the only flagship Vertigo books I haven't read, and while I'm not the biggest Chris Bachalo fan, the art I've seen from the series looks pretty fantastic. And the simple idea of a protagonist who dies and comes back as a new person but still sort of the same is a big draw for me. It's a LOT like a character I made up in my youth, so I'm anxious to see how Milligan does it.

2. DMZ
     -I've wanted to catch up on this series since before it even ended, but just never got around to it. Truth be told, the Brian Wood stuff I've read hasn't thrilled me, so I think that's part of why I haven't checked out this title yet. Also, there's a lot of it to read, and while I might not end up wanting to get through it all, if I do that'll mean spending some real money, and I'm not in a position to do that right now.

3. Swamp Thing
     -I've read Alan Moore's famous run, but none of what followed it. Rick Veitch's time as writer interests me in particular, but also Andy Diggle and Joshua Dysart strike me as writers who might have cool takes on the character. I've never been a fan of Swamp Thing, necessarily, but I like all of these creators and want to check out how they handle superhero horror.

4. Godland
     -I own the first four trades of Godland, so this is a case where I just need to get the fucking lead out and buy the rest. The finale has finally been published, so now is a better time than ever to pull the trigger on this.

5. Powers
     -I've never read anything Brian Michael Bendis has written outside of his Marvel work (of which I haven't even read that much). He's a writer I feel only so-so about, which makes me curious as to what a creator-owned book of his would be like. I want to see how we writes outside of the Marvel Universe, because a lot of what he likes to do in that space is explore and rewrite the complicated history that was in place before he became a writer. He's good at that, but I'm not the best audience for it, so I want to see what he can produce outside of that setting. If it's fantastic, I can get more on board with Bendis, but if it sucks, maybe I avoid him a bit more actively than before. Also, Michael Oeming is amazing, so there's always that.

6. All-Star Superman
     -Probably the most significant Grant Morrison work I've never read. And with one of his most talented collaborators, too, Frank Quitely. Yes, please.

7. Promethea
     -It's been a while since I've read anything by Alan Moore, and I always hear good stuff about this series. I know almost nothing about it except that Moore wrote it, but that's enough to make me want to check it out.

8. Strangers in Paradise and Echo
     -Rachel Rising is one of my current favorite comics, and also my first time reading Terry Moore. So now I want to read everything else he's done.

9. Xombi
     -The second volume of Xombi that DC published for six issues just before the New 52 happened was fantastic. The first volume, published by Milestone, only has like twenty-something total issues, and they're all written by John Rozum, who also wrote the more recent volume that I loved. I would very much like to get all of the original issues.

10. Proof
     -I have the first trade of Proof and it's excellent. Riley Rossmo is my favorite, favorite artist working in comics right now, and this is the book that really made his name. It's basically required reading.

11. Catwoman: When in Rome
     -The only Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Batman story I've never read. The rest were all marvelous, so I expect this one will be, too.

Tomorrow: I turn 27.

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