Sunday, February 16, 2014

The 12 Days of Birthday, Day 12: It's My Birthday

So here I am, 27. It's sort of a boring number to turn. It doesn't carry any special meaning to me, or signify any real milestone or anything like that. Just another age to be, same as the last one.

I don't really have much to say today, or any specific topic planned. I always knew that the last 12 Days of Birthday post would be "about my birthday" but now that I'm sitting here trying to work on it, I don't know what that means. I don't have a whole lot of thoughts on my birthday at all, let alone comics-related ones. I slept in and I'm being lazy all day, because that's what birthdays are for. How much more commentary could I provide?

I am probably going to try and get some reading and writing done later on, like in the evening and night when I typically have more energy anyway. I finally got all 6 issues of Emerald Dawn a couple weeks ago, which I have been meaning to do for several years, so I'm eager to read that and see what, if anything, it might inspire me to write. And I have a review for this site that's partially finished that needs to go up ASAP because I keep putting it off and enough is enough already. Also I have some notes I want to take on my next "1987 And All That" column, and a few other stray comicbook blog housecleaning things to take care of, so it's not like my birthday won't involve comics at all. It always does and will this year, too, I just don't have anything interesting to say about any of the comics stuff I'm going to do today, or at least not that I want to say in this post.

I've had a lot of fun doing these 12 Days of Birthday pieces, though. They've been some of the fastest, easiest things to write, since they just sort of spill out of me based on memory, instead of being works that involve actual criticism or even reading. They're more personal, and therefore more natural. I'd like to do more things like that, if I can think of any.

In the meantime, it'll be back to business as usual around these parts for a while. Just as soon as I eat a cupcake or two.

Tomorrow: The first day of the rest of my life. In the real world, that is. On the blog...probably nothing.

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