Sunday, June 29, 2014


As is now the norm, I've published one piece each on CSBG and PopMatters in the last two weeks. First there was the "1987 And All That" on Gumby's Summer Fun Special, which was a superbly unexpected good time to read and then again to analyze. More recently, I wrote an Iconographies column about Kings Watch and how funny it manages to be without veering off course.

Something I Failed to Mention
Both of the two comics above had powerful senses of humor, but extremely different styles of it. Gumby was absurd and whacky, funny for its unpredictability as much as anything else, while Kings Watch gets its laughs from more understated character work. It's not always easy to express effective comedy through a comicbook, because things like timing and delivery are always partially based on the reader instead of the creators. So reading two books that were so distinctly hilarious was a refreshing exercise. I don't necessarily have a bigger point or comparison to make than that, but I also don't feel like I forgot to talk about anything I wanted to in the original columns. The main thing jumps out at me when thinking back on reading and writing about these titles is how they both won me over with their humor above all else, even though their approaches were wildly different.

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