Sunday, June 8, 2014

Delay of Game

It's been three whole weeks since I posted something on here, so I figured I should just say something, even though the last thing I did publish sort of already said this might happen. Problem is, I haven't really read a whole lot lately, hence the reason I haven't been writing. I'm equally behind in both areas, and I'm using today to catch up on some reading so that, hopefully, the rest of this week can be used to catch up on the writing. We'll see how that goes, because my schedule's not any different, really, but I do get to ride a subway to work now, meaning I can read during my commute, and potentially write, too, so that makes me hopeful. I definitely want to get May's Monthly Dose done ASAP, and I have a couple other things I've been wanting to get to for a while now, so with any luck I'll have a burst or productivity soon. At worst, I want to get back on the once-a-week schedule that is supposed to be the minimum for this blog.

In the meantime, I will say that I've been missing comics quite a bit during this dry spell. I'm eager and ready to dive back into them more fully, because my encounters with them lately have been few and far between. There's a sizable backlog for me to burn through now, and all I really need to muster is the energy to do it as quickly as I can. So, enough apologizing and excusing myself. I'm off to do some reading.

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