Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Action Comics Weekly Review: Issue #614

In 1988-89, DC changed Action Comics from a monthly Superman-focused series to a weekly anthology, also changing its name to Action Comics Weekly. It lasted 42 issues before reverting to a monthly format. I am going to review all 42 of those issues, one per week for 42 weeks. This is the fourteenth of those reviews.
Sick of wordiness
So haikus only this week
A fun, weird challenge
Hal's ring removed fear
Cool concept, explained too fast
With lame, sappy end
Great art, great story
A truly scary villain
Solid two-part tale
Cheshire gets her man
It's still a Speedy story
Fluffy, but not bad
Recap again? Ugh!
But Supes gets to save the day
And looks fantastic
I didn't have room to say it in the poem but this is a fantastic first page
Catwoman murders
And then frames Arthur for it
Dark, twisted justice
I'm still so confused
One awesome action panel
Otherwise, whatevs

In conclusion, here are all the stories from this issue, listed from worst to best:
6. Black Canary/"Bitter Fruit Part 4" [It's really Part 6 but "Part 4" is what it says]
5. Green Lantern/"Bring me a Man"
4. Nightwing/"First Blood"
3. Catwoman/"The Tin Roof Club Part Four"
2. Superman/"Death Comes Calling..."
1. Phantom Stranger/"Death God"

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