Sunday, March 8, 2015

Elsewhere (and I'm Back)

Hey all! I got back from Mexico a couple days ago, and today I finally feel up to posting a lil something on the blog. Later this week I'll do the Monthly Dose for February and get those Weekly Action Comics Weekly Reviews a-rollin' again, but for now let's catch up on the stuff I published in other places, some of which came out while I was actually on vacation. Just before I took my hiatus, I had a column on PopMatters dissecting my favorite page from Rasputin #4. I loved doing that kind of analysis for a single page, and it's something I might do more of in the future, I think. Then while I was away, they published a piece I wrote about the first two arcs—and the overall new-creative-team-every-six-issues structure—of the current volume of Moon Knight. We all know that the Ellis/Shalvey issues dominated the Wood/Smallwood ones, but that doesn't ruin the whole project, at least not for me. That same day, my new 1987 And All That came out as well, covering Mister Miracle Special #1. It was a solid comic with great art.

Something I Failed to Mention
I'll level with ya: I barely remember what I did mention, let alone what I forgot. All of the things I linked to above were written some time ago. Even the Mister Miracle column was finished and scheduled almost a full week before it went up, and the PopMatters stuff was done before that, so it's all a little hazy in my mind now, especially with a week in Tulum separating my present thoughts from my memories of things written in the past. Could I read through them to find something I missed or neglected to bring up? Of course, but I've got other things to do tonight, most of all prepping myself to return to work in the morning, so...I'm phoning this one in. I'll try to do an extra thick "Something I Failed to Mention" section for my next Elsewhere post in a couple weeks. Until then, XOXOXO.

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