Monday, February 16, 2015

Birthday & Hiatus

It's my birthday today. I turned 28.

As a present to myself, I'm going to have Comics Matter go dark until sometime in the second week of March. At the beginning of that month, my wife and I are spending a week in Mexico, and between now and then I have a fairly tight schedule between work things, preparing for the trip at home, and getting my PopMatters and CSBG stuff finished ahead of time so I'm not writing them during my vacation. As such, the simplest, easiest thing to cut out of my calendar is this blog, since it's just my personal jam. So no new Weekly Action Comics Weekly reviews until I get back from my trip, and February's Monthly Dose will be heavily belated, and nothing else is going to get posted here for a bit, either. Once I return, I damn well ought to be recharged enough to get back to something resembling regularly scheduled programming.

Happy birthday to me. See you all in less than a month, but not much less.

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