Sunday, August 11, 2013


This week, a new "1987 And All That" went up at The Chemical Box on Dr. Fate. I didn't link to it it last week because it was the only thing I published elsewhere, but I wrote a column on Storm Dogs at PopMatters. And this week, one comparing Revival and Rachel Rising.

Something I Failed to Mention
I didn't really find a way to fit this point in naturally in the PopMatters piece, but one more thing Revival and Rachel Rising share is a child character, Cooper and Zoe, respectively. Technically, Zoe is much older than she appears, I guess, but she's relatively childish even though she's been through so much and continues to be a killer. It's a jaded childishness, admittedly, her emotions stifled by her past. Cooper has a more muted personality as well, though he's not as dismal and frightened of the world as Zoe. Where they most remind me of each other is their secrecy, wrapped up in their connections to supernatural forces. Cooper has been slowly but steadily learning to interact/communicate with the strange creature slinking through the woods. And Zoe's whole character is based on the fact that she was a longtime host for the demon Malus. Both kids keep these things to themselves, Zoe largely because she doesn't have anyone to really trust, and Cooper because...I'm not sure why. It feels like it's just one of those kid secrets, where they want to keep something they've discovered but know is dangerous so they stash it where their parents won't look. Cooper values someone to share his toys and thoughts with, and he won't spoil that by telling anyone. Zoe would rather ignore her bond with Malus entirely, and "I was inhabited by a terrible demon for many years" isn't the easiest introduction to make. So she lives with her pain and shame quietly. There's a strong sense that, for both characters, things will eventually come to a head, and they'll be forced to face their secrets in a harsh light.

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