Sunday, August 25, 2013


Been sort of a quiet couple of weeks for me, as far as writing for other sites. I've had two reviews go up at read/RANT, one on Archer & Armstrong #12 and another on Brother Lono #3. Neither comic thrilled me, but the former had a lot more going for it (and just more going on) than the latter.

After a week off for me at PopMatters, Thursday saw the publication of a column on Thor: God of Thunder. I know it's not like the greatest Thor book ever written, but it taps directly into what I most like about the character, so I talked about that.

Something I Failed to Mention
Dave Johnson is the world's greatest cover artist, as far as I'm concerned. It's not his best effort by any stretch, but his cover for Brother Lono #3 has a few awesome details. The skulls-and-crossbones in the gunshots are a nice not-too-flashy garnish, as is the pattern on Lono's shirt. I also like seeing Lono smiling with such confidence, because he is never happy nor self-assured AT ALL in the actual issue (or series). The best part, no question, is the inclusion of the chihuahua who gets brutally murdered in the issue's first few pages. I really hated the scene of his death, which lacked any purpose or emotional weight and was pure gore for gore's sake. Oddly unrealistic gore, too. Anyway, it's nice that Johnson gave the little guy some extra space, and with such a hilarious, show-stealing expression on his face. The cover has a sense of humor that the story beneath it does not. Humor needn't exist in every story, but this issue had a general lack of any personality, especially if compared to Johnson's opening image.

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