Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pull List Review: Morning Glories #19

I always struggle to find new things to say about this title other than, "I don't like how Nick Spencer is so insanely decompressing this story," and/or "Joe Eisma does solid work every time." I tried as hard as I could while reading Morning Glories #19 to take it on its own, to appreciate it as a standalone piece of comicbook storytelling and not only think of it in terms of the series as a whole. It's no easy task, because my disillusion with this series deepens all the time, but in the end this is a fairly enjoyable but in no way exceptional issue.

The relationship between Hunter and his mom is quite nice. Hunter has always been one of the more sensitive and considerate characters, and so it was good to see him interact with someone who actually appreciates those qualities. But we didn't actually learn a great deal about Hunter through these scenes, and so I find myself wondering what the point of them even was. Then in between we get pages and pages of Hunter and Zoe silently running through the woods, which were no more than filler for what was, ultimately, a thin story.

Was I surprised by the ending? Yep. Do I understand it or care? Not even a little.

Eisma's art, as I said, is always reliable on Morning Glories. He handles the pointless running-through-the-woods scenes well, at least varying the angles and rhythms of those moments even if they were largely repetitive in terms of content. And he makes Zoe a truly imposing figure, while Hunter's overwhelming fear is shines through powerfully.

Despite some wasted space, there was a lot of good dialogue here, and Hunter is an interesting and understandable guy even if we don't get a lot of new insights into his character. It's been a long time since Morning Glories wowed me, but this issue wasn't a total junker, either.

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