Saturday, June 2, 2012

Smatterday 06/02/2012

Alan Scott is Gay: Not a Big Surprise or Deal
DC has finally revealed who their new "iconic" homosexual character is: Earth 2's Alan Scott. Well, to be fair, Earth 1's Alan Scott might be gay, too, if he even exists, but he's not the one everybody is talking about. Personally, I'm just glad the news is out so the speculation can end. Of course, now is when the hate starts to pour in from people who oppose the change or gay heros in general, but I prefer that to the pointless secrecy. James Robinson will be writing the character for the foreseeable future, and he has a superb track record writing full, realistic gay characters Starman without making a big display of it or any similar political nonsense. So I'm more pleased by the news than anything. But mostly I wish it weren't news.

Before Watchmen: Not a Cool or Good Idea
Boooooooo! Wednesday sees the release of the first "Before Watchmen" series, which means after months of people arguing about whether or not it was a good idea, we can now begin the months of people arguing about whether or not they're good comics. Which, to me, is an irrelevant conversation, or anyway one that's totally disconnected from the question of if this project should exist at all. Even if these titles are somehow better than the original Watchmen (fat chance...obese, even) there is a more fundamental ethical issue underlying their very creation which has nothing to do with quality. I'm basically going to do my best to just pretend it isn't even real. Join me, won't you?

Valiant Comics: Not Exactly New or Old
This is old news by now, but last month kicked off the "Summer of Valiant," Valiant Comics' glorious return to publishing new comicbook material. Years after being sold to a company that then went bakrupt, Valiant now has new, passionate owners who have brought in a bunch of equally-passionate and talented creators, editors, etc. to relaunch updated versions of their classic titles. I did not, myself, jump on the train with X-O Manowar in May, but on Wednesday Harbinger #1 comes out, and I could not be more excited for that, if for no other reason than because I've missed Joshua Dysart since Unknown Soldier was canceled. Besides, any new comicbook company, even an old one, deserves at least one honest try, and based on what I've seen and heard so far, the Summer of Valiant is not going to disappoint.

Midtown Comics: I have no subtitle I just think this is kind of awesome
As a final bit of positivity, Manhattan comicbook shop Midtown Comics has opened a "mini-boutique" in the world's most incredible toy store, FAO Schwarz. Seems like a move designed to bring in younger readers, right? And I'm all for that. Plus it's nice to see comics being sold from such a massive and popular location. Best of luck, Midtown!

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