Saturday, June 23, 2012

Smatterday 06/23/2012

Kid's Kickstarter Convention
This shit makes me so happy. Everett Watford, a 17-year-old comicbook fan who's worked in the industry in various capacities already, is kicking off his very own independent convention today called Vert Con. This project is essentially five years in the making, which, I mean...when I was twelve, I could barely stay on top of following the few monthly series I liked. This guy was planning a damn convention and already making the connections he needed to pull it off. So, truly impressive stuff, and while I'm bummed I couldn't make it to Chicago for the con's first year, I hope it kicks ass and everybody has a wonderful time, especially Watford. 

Stan Lee Keeps Doing Stuff
Fresh off his POW! Entertainment settlement, Stan Lee is back in the news this week for "The Annihilator," a new Chinese superhero movie he's developing. While Lee and others involved in the project are intensely enthusiastic about its potential, there's already a fair amount of skepticism and downright naysaying going on. Stan's recent track record is certainly less than impressive, and I don't exactly think of him as an expert on Chinese culture, but who knows? I'm hesitant to dismiss this too early on, even though my gut says it'll most likely be a train wreck, because I think it'd be really cool if it worked out. The world of superheroes continues to struggle against (correct) impressions that it lacks diversity, so it might be beneficial if a legitimately good, high-profile, brand new Chinese hero came on the scene. Not holding my breath, just kind of quietly rooting for it.

Matt Groening Stops Doing Stuff
Creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, Matt Groening probably hasn't had any specific need to keep producing his 32-year-old comicstrip "Life in Hell" for ages. But he's been steadily doing so nevertheless all this time, until, last week, when he finally decided to end it. I'm not a regular reader of the series, which evidently had 1,669 installments over the years, but I've certainly seen numerous strips in my lifetime and have been a fan of Groening's work since well before I knew his name. Obviously it's sad to see such a hilarious, unusual piece of comic awesomeness come to a close, but Groening is a brilliant and talented guy, so whatever he feels is right for him probably is. Adios, "Life in Hell." You had a longer life, in Hell or otherwise, than any number of your colleagues. 

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