Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pull List Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11

Sometimes in a superhero comicbook series, you're going to get an issue that is little more than fighting. Traditionally, being a superhero means violently taking on the bad guys, and so every now and then in a monthly ongoing title, that's exactly what we get to see. Such is the case in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11, where Miles and his Uncle Aaron confront and defeat the Scorpion and little else actually goes down. It's not a bad fight, nor is it particularly inventive or impressive, but it does give Miles a chance to use every one of his recently-gained powers. As much fun as that was to see, I'm not convinced the fight needed to take up as much space as it did, and when I reached the issue's conclusion I felt like the whole thing was sort of lightweight.

Even though that was my attitude toward the plot of this issue, watching the fight itself was delightful. David Marquez's art gave the whole thing a very natural flow and choreography, and even though Miles was pulling off some insane acrobatics, he never looked unrealistic or awkward. A hectic battle with multiple players in a brand new setting isn't always easy to portray clearly, but Marquez hits every beat perfectly, from the moment Spidey crashes in right up to the Scorpion's final collapse. The art moves moment-to-moment, panel-to-panel so effortlessly that the reader is swept through the experience, so you hardly even notice until the conclusion that the entire thing was just this singular combat scenario.

That conclusion, by which I mean the final two pages, had the strongest moments in terms of story. Miles loves his uncle, but not enough to overlook being abandoned in the heat of battle, and his new-found anger and determination speak volumes about his character. Then on the last page, we get an excellent new(ish) plot thread that I am eager to see developed. Brian Michael Bendis may not have filled this issue with great story, but he didn't let his tale stagnate either. And Marquez draws the weight of Miles and Aunt May's emotions just as skillfully as he did the action sequence.

Perhaps on the lean side of things, but still doing great work with the material that's there, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #11 is a lot of fun and keeps the series moving in a direction which excites me. Hopefully next time we can get more meat on them bones.

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